Earn Your Place

Alloy doesn't hold traditional tryouts and players aren't assigned to a specific team for an entire year or season.

We hold open training sessions where players of various ages and abilities come to train simultaneously and are divided into smaller skill-appropriate training groups. For example, a high-performing 15yo player may train with the First Team, while less skillful 18yo player may train with the U15 squad.

Training groups and team selections are fluid so players could move up or down depending on the needs of the club and the development plan for the player.

Selection to be rostered for a game depends upon the player's performance in training, the needs of the team and eligibility rules of the competition.

First Team

The first team is a professional development team competing at the highest level of amateur soccer in the USA. We are currently members of the Delaware River Conference in the EPSL a regional division of NISA Nation. This is the highest level of play we have within the club. The purposes of this team are to compete to win high-level amateur and semi-professional competitions, and help exceptional players move on to the next level.

There are no age restrictions to play in this team. If you are good enough, you are old enough.