Forged Together

Alloy is a free professional development soccer club with a vision to unite diverse cultures in Lancaster, PA. 

Alloy forges humble, courageous, loving men through a diverse, committed soccer brotherhood competing together for joy and glory.


Members of the club are bound together by the following commitments to one another.

I will give my best and demand your best.

I will work for your success and cover for your failure.

I will be humble. I will take courage. I will give glory.


We believe the playing soccer is a worthy life-long endeavor. The beautiful game is a joy to play and also provides relationships and opportunities to develop strength of character, and to communicate about important aspects of life off the field.

We are driven to foster a love of the game and to challenge everyone in the club to make the most of their abilities.

We take a holistic approach to the development of our athletes, encouraging them to grow in body, mind, and spirit.


Strength, stamina, speed, quickness and agility are all important elements of a the physical capabilities of a soccer player. The pursuit of the physical attributes requires discipline and provides a clear challenge and growth opportunity for athletes.


Intelligence, resilience, adaptability, self-control, and creativity are all vital characteristics for success on and off the field. We cultivate mental strength and sharpness in our players through challenging training sessions and intellectual growth materials.


Critical to our players and staff achieving their potential is strength of spirit. We want to develop integrity, perseverance, responsibility, and love in every member of our organization. We develop these qualities through mentorship and by working together in all of our challenges according to our core principles: Be humble. Take courage. Give glory.


Be humble.

In self-awareness, put others first.

Take courage.

Persist through fear and pain. Trust in your preparation and the faithfulness of those who are with you.

Give glory.

Enable others to do glorious things, and in your achievements give the honor where honor is due.